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Hydrogen Water expertise

JN’s Tech,
eco-friendly enterprise,
makes healthier world.


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Overview of JN’s Tech’s history as a global company 
We strive to carry out continuous efforts to stay ahead in this global age.

1996 ~ 2002

  • Feb. 1996Established “Jinyoung Corporation”
  • Jun. 1996Launched water purifier business
  • Sept. 1997Launched interior lighting business
  • Oct. 1997Signed supply contract with Chosun Hotel
  • Feb. 1999Established a branch in Vietnam
  • Jul. 2000Launched air purifier business (JN-9900, JN-12000 development) 
  • Jan. 2001Established Jinyoung Tech & Industry
  • Aug. 2002Signed contract with Iloom
  • Sept. 2002Signed supply contract with Kolong Construction

2003 ~ 2006

  • Apr. 2003Launched bidet business (HDB-6900 development)
  • Oct. 2003Change of company name to JN’s Tech
  • Oct. 2003Built the national service network, ”Dream Service” (9 branches)
  • Oct. 2003Opened customer service center
  • Feb. 2004Moved Head Office to current address
  • Mar. 2005ISO9001 quality management system certified
  • May 2005Registered a utility model for a water purifier (Registration No. 0384545): Clean Room System
  • Aug. 2005Luxzen water purifier development (JNW-1200, JNW-1300)
  • Dec. 2005Luxzen bidet 2nd model development (JNB-770, JNB-450)
  • Feb. 2006LUXZEN, FRESH GUARD trademark registration Luxzen hydrogen water purifier development (JNW-1200H, JNW-1300H: patent application)
  • Apr. 2006Luxzen personal oxygen generator development (SA-2500) Luxzen air purifier development (JNA-650)
  • May 2006Selected as an excellent company in 2006 (The Hankook Ilbo)
  • Jul. 2006Software asset management excellent company (Korea Software Property-right Council)
  • Dec. 2006Selected as a management innovation small and medium-sized businesses (Small and Medium Business Administration)

2007 ~ Present

  • Jan. 2007Established R&D center, “H&O Science Forum”
  • Mar. 2007Registered patent for hydrogen electrolytic cell (Patent No. 0704955)
  • Jun. 2008Released the NEW Luxzen 1st generation hydrogen water purifier
  • Jul. 2008Entered environmentally friendly living & health sector’s distribution and sales business
  • Oct. 2010Registered patent for water purifier (No. 10-0987959)
  • Jan. 2011Test marketing in Japan
  • Apr. 2011Released the NEW Luxzen 2nd generation hydrogen water purifier
  • Apr. ~ Oct. 2011SBS-TV Sweet hometown visit, / KBS Byun Kisu Mr. Radio
  • Dec. 2011Developed and exported Japan targeted model BSG-7100, 7200
  • Jan. 2012Received certification and registered for Japanese patent
  • Feb. 2012Received Seoul Mayor Award
  • Dec. 2012Established plant in Incheon Namdong Industrial complex 
  • Sept. 2013Test marketing in China 
  • Dec. 2013Selected as a promising export SME
  • May. 2014Registered patent for water purifier (No. 10-1407728)
  • June. 2014Processing patent of Japan